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Our Boy- Kazoo

Kazoo 1 year so Handsome
Kazoo as a puppy
Kazoo has a mud problem

Born at Pumpkin Patch in 2016, and he will never leave. He embodies everything you want in a Jack, calm, smart, has the willingness to work, and is very well put together. He has never found a mud hole he does not like!  He is my constant companion, sleeps in my bed and is a joy to have around. Never pushy always willing to please. I really can’t say enough about this dog. He is a great mixture of Irish and American lines.


  • Noodles X Charlie

  • Brown and white broken coat

  • Stands 10 inches tall

  • Weighs 13.6 lbs

  • Clear of SCA by parentage. Genetically tested and clear of PLL

  • AKC registered ERJTCA eligible

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