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Odds and Tails (FAQs)

Here at Pumpkin Patch Jacks I encourage questions about my dogs, breeding practices, training methods, or anything dog. Even if you don’t purchase a puppy from me, you can ask away! Below, I have compiled the most common questions I have gotten. Even if I answered your question, I would still love to chat so either shoot me an e-mail or call me. (Though honestly, I answer e-mails quicker.)

What would you recommend before getting a puppy?

I recommend that before getting into a long-term relationship with a dog (because puppies become dogs and family), please do your research on the breed you are thinking of getting. My jacks are the best Jack Russells you will ever meet, but they are still terriers.  


One of the best books I have ever read on understanding dogs is a book by Patricia B. McConnell, PHD, The Other End of the Leash. I highly recommend reading it before you bring your puppy home. It will give you insight on how your puppy, and eventually how your dog, thinks and why they do the things they do.


Are your dogs registered?

Yes, all my dogs are registered with the AKC, and all are eligible to be registered with the ERJTC.


What do you feed your dogs, and how many times a day do you feed your dogs?

My adult dogs get fed 1/3 cup (on average) 2 times a day once in the morning and once at night. I feed Royal Canin 


How much and how often should I feed my puppy?

Each puppy is different, but on average when my puppies are ready to go home they are eating ¼ cup of Health Extension   food 3 times a day.


Do you recommend a crate for my new puppy?

Yes. Dogs are denning animals and crates give them a sense of security. They also prevent unhappy reunions that could hinder your training efforts when you leave your pup alone. When left unsupervised, puppies can get themselves into trouble by chewing on your new shoes, eating the dresser or chewing your couch.


What is the easiest way to housebreak a puppy?

Routine, Consistency, and Patience.


How do you obedience train your dogs?

At Pumpkin Patch Jacks, I have my own training program. I start my puppies at about 7 weeks, nothing formal, and all fun. Unlike most trainers I start off leash in a safe environment. I teach them to associate me with fun and food (it is a great motivator). I use a combination of techniques some from a book, also by Patricia B. McConnell, PHD, Family Friendly Dog Training A six-week Program for You and your Dog. Other techniques involve traditional methods of teaching basic commands, and some involve being able to “speak” dog. 

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