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About Us

Pumpkin Patch Jacks is a small family run breeder of Jack Russell Terriers. We are located on Long Island NY. All my dogs are family first. They sleep in our beds share our couches, and are generally spoiled. These little dogs are my passion and one of my greatest joys. My first Jack came from a puppy mill, and had numerous health problems, and I lost her too young. It was then that I decided to set up my breeding program to having Jacks that are sound in both mind and body, so the families that will love them wouldn’t have the same heartbreak that I endured..​

I have been in love with Jack Russell Terriers for 17 years. My type of Jack is short, smart, and sweet, under 11 inches tall, 20 pounds or less. All of my Jacks are a combination of Irish and American lines. All of my dogs are screened for SCA and PLL. I did extensive research when purchasing dogs to add to my breeding stock, and found some wonderful people who believe as I do. My foundation lines come from great like-minded breeders like myself. I do not breed just to breed, nor do I breed dogs that don’t fit my standard. I do not breed dogs for the purpose of the show ring or hunting (working terriers). I have seen dogs that are bred for the show ring and hunting. Dogs bred to show are mostly just bred for confirmation to compete in a beauty competition, without regard for temperament. Dogs that are bred for hunting tend to be very prey driven making them appear high strung and stubborn. Jack Russells already have a reputation for being high strung and stubborn. Who wants or needs that?


I breed to have healthy pups with beauty, brains, and sweet calm dispositions.  I strive to breed to the breed standard, and produce puppies that are comfortable in any environment. I  believe all those things are possible in one package. My dogs have brains, beauty , and the willingness to work. What do I mean by that? My dogs are both smart, easily trained and have the willingness to please you. All dogs in my breeding program have basic obedience skills, and I am able to take them to a local park and have them off leash. To me that is the ideal way to take a walk and enjoy nature. I breed for dogs that can adapt from being a couch potato to racing on the hiking trail, or fishing on a boat. My dogs are still terriers, and they will chase chipmunks, squirrels, or hunt for mice. However, they usually prefer a treat rather than chasing elusive rodents. I also recommend obedience training otherwise some of them will have you wrapped around their paws, and can become a bit pushy.  


I am partial to broken and rough coated jacks, they in my opinion make the best trail dogs, not because they are smarter or better than smooth coats, just because they have magical coats. They can roll in the mud and look like a mud-sickle, and an hour later look like nothing happened!

I am dedicated to breeding the best family companions you will ever meet!! I believe a house is not a home without a good Jack Russell. We do not breed often but when we do our puppies are extra special!! Pumpkin Patch Jacks welcomes you: follow the path to the best little Pumpkin Patch puppies



What is PLL?


Primary Lens Luxation (PLL) is a well-recognized, painful and blinding inherited eye condition that affects many breeds of dog, particularly terrier and terrier-type breeds including (but not restricted to), Jack Russell terriers.

In affected dogs the zonular fibers which support the lens breakdown or disintegrate, causing the lens to fall into the wrong position within the eye. If the lens falls into the anterior chamber of the eye glaucoma and loss of vision can quickly result.


Breeding Philosophy at Pumpkin Pack Jacks


Here at Pumpkin Patch Jacks, we genetically test all puppies that we keep for our breeding program that are from one heterozygous parent, because genetic diversity is good for the breed. WE never breed 2 heterozygous parents; all our puppies have never contracted PLL.


Research has demonstrated that the frequency of the PLL mutation is extremely high in the PLL-affected breeds that have been studied in depth. This means that allowing only CLEAR dogs to breed could have a devastating effect on breed diversity and substantially increase the likelihood of new inherited diseases emerging. Therefore, it is strongly advised for breeders to consider all their dogs for breeding. CARRIER dogs can be bred, but should only be bred to DNA tested, CLEAR dogs. All puppies from any litter that has at least one CARRIER parent should be DNA tested, so that the CARRIERS can be identified and followed clinically throughout their lives. This practice should be followed for at least one or two generations, to allow the PLL mutation to be slowly eliminated from the population without severely reducing the genetic diversity of breeds at risk.


SCA Canine spinocerebellar ataxia (SCA) is an inherited disorder occurring in Jack Russell Terriers.

Characteristics and Symptoms

Age of onset of canine spinocerebellar ataxia is between 2 months to 9 months of age. At beginning, the dog’s owner may notice lack of coordination, pelvic limb swaying when walking, and difficulties in climbing up-stairs or jumping. SCA is a progressive disorder, and with its progress,” prancing” type of giant is noticed, especially in the pelvic limbs. Affected dogs may have difficulties while standing, and may fall frequently, with troubles in attempts of returning to standing position


Breeding Philosophy at Pumpkin Patch Jacks

All our dogs are clear of SCA by parentage

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